As reported to Ancram Town Supervisor

2/19 Alarm activation - 13 members - 12.5 hrs

2/22 - Working on Fire House kitchen - 10 members - 60 hrs

2/23 5:35pm-9:32pm:- Lost hiker search and rescue - 16 members -  64 hrs

2/24 & 2/25 Fundraising Activity - Prepare for annual chicken BBQ; Serve 260 meals - 29 members - 336 hrs

2/25  7:00pm-12am:  Severe Storm - 14 locations for wires down, trees down, wires on vehicle, transformer explosion, tree on house -  8 members -  90 hrs

2/26 4:37 am – 5:39 am: Alarm activation  - 6 members - 6  hrs

2/28  1:48 pm – 4:28pm:  Out of control "control burn" on 4 acres - 17 members - 42.5  hrs

3/4   3:31pm-7:14pm: Mutual Aid Structure Fire Hillsdale - Below zero windchills -14 members -  64 hrs

3/4  10:34 pm - 1am: Chimney Structure Fire Mutual Aid Received from Taghkanic - Below zero windchills;  multiple Firefighters in wet gear -19 members - 47.5  hrs

3/5 9:00 am – 11:30 am: Monthly Drill -19 members - 47.5  hrs
Total Activity - 326.5: Emergency Response hrs; 396 fundraising & work detail hours; 47.5 training hours 

This adds up to a total of 770 hours donated by our volunteers firefighters in the last two weeks, and this does not include paperwork, refueling, or maintenance of the trucks, which was also done.Type your paragraph here.

Thank you letters from our Community Members:

Dear Chief Boice,

The response to my call last night from you and your men and women was amazing. Starting with the 911 operators who were so helpful, you were here so fast , were thoughtful , incredibly skilled and got the job done in no time..... and left no mess!!!! You were so kind to come check in on me this morning
My dogs and I truly appreciate all you have done.
I'm so glad to know that we are all in such great hands with the Ancram and Copake Emergency Responders .....very comforting!
Thank you so much,
Cornelia Guest

Dear David,

On behalf of Dr. Mark Aiken and myself, I am writing to you regarding the storm that blew through this area on Saturday night. As Dr. Aiken was away, I was house and animal sitting here at his property at 2201 State Rt. 82. The storm hit extremely hard causing extensive damage to the property, luckily the home, office, barn and all animals were untouched unlike the horse shed that was blown into splinters (roof and some large boards blown up hill, over horse fencing and deposited in another paddock) and the many (12+) giant trees that were downed or uprooted. I want to commend Jim Murphy especially as he checked in on me during that storm and it was Jim that also texted me not to walk down to the barn that evening to check on the horses as wires were down everywhere. Jim showed up on the property Sunday morning very early to see if we were all alright through the night and lend any hand he could. Along with Jim, the Ancram Fire Department in it's entirety is to be highly commended.....all the volunteer men and woman do an outstanding job and we all as a community are fortunate to have such a commendable Fire Department. My personal thank you, as well as Dr. Aiken's, to all members of Ancram Fire Department, you are all truly appreciated. 

My Best Always,

Laura DePaoli and Dr. Mark Aiken (in his absence)

Ancram Fire Company